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We make healthy habits easier to build.

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Who we are

Self-regulation is the biggest challenge in modern times. Technology should support us instead of being a constant source of distraction and mindless consumption.


At Atom, we are attempting to solve this by leveraging principles of behavior psychology, game design and AI to help people achieve holistic wellness.

We are a team of dedicated individuals on a mission to build solutions that create a positive change in the world.

Samvid Sharma

(Founder & CEO)

Alekha Acharya

(Instructional Design Lead)

Megha Sharda

(Behavior Science Lead)

Key team members

Harshita Malviya

(UX Research Lead)

Sahil Kumar

(Sr. HR Manager)

Shabinder Singh

(Tech Lead)

Ammini Puthur

(Instructional Designer)

Devanshi Thakur

(Applied Behavior Scientist)

Roshni Parti

(HR Associate)

What we do

Through science-based programs, Atom provides you with a systematic & reliable approach to habit-building. 

We equip you with the right tools and insights from the field of behavioral science to help healthy habits stick for good! 

Why we do it

Building healthy habits is hard, and we're here to tell you that problem is not with you, but with the approach taken.


We use a proven system that's based on human psychology, to make habit-building easy & fun.

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